Black Glittery Chevron French Manicure; 2012

Black Glittery Chevron French Manicure

Hello everyone! It’s crazy how today is the last day of February already! To end this month, I thought I’d share this very simple Chevron French Manicure with you. ♥ This was done over 10 years ago.

Very simple and sparkly.

I actually took pictures of both hands, haha.

Very Fall and Winter appropriate.

This was my favorite photo of all the photos I took of this 🙂

These photos were taken on 10/04/2012. Wow, it’s a bit hard for me to believe it was so long ago!

The base of this manicure was Sally Hansen’s Platinum, the Chevron-shaped French tips were painted on with Sally Hansen’s Black Out, and lastly, I layered Sinful Colors Opal Glitter over the entire nails. The Extreme Wear line by Sally Hansen always had nice flat and wide brushes, so it made it easy to just use their brush to paint Chevron French tips.

I have plenty more French manicures to eventually share on here, so be sure to stay tuned for those! Some are extremely unconventional and very interesting, to say the least, haha.

Links to everything:

Sally Hansen Platinum

Sally Hansen Black Out:

Couldn’t find Sinful Colors Opal Glitter, I’m assuming it’s probably discontinued. 🙁 At the moment I’m not sure of any other nail polishes that look precisely like it, but here’s one that I’ve used multiple times in the past as well, that’s a bit similar: Sally Hansen Disco Ball:

Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat (I exclusively used this as a base coat only; it wasn’t a good top coat at all.):

INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat (the top coat I used back then):

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Well, that concludes all the details! As always, thanks for tuning in. 🙂

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