My Easter 2014 Manicure

My Easter 2014 Mani Collage

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Easter! I definitely enjoyed mine. For the first time, I made lemon sugar cookies with lemon glaze. They came out so soft, fluffy, and super tasty. I’ll definitely do it again sometime in the future, haha. As much as I would have liked to have posted more for this special holiday, I’ve been very busy with many other things outside of this website, so I didn’t have the time to post at all. 🙁 🙂 But it’s all good. 🙂 Anyways, today as you can see by the title, I have my Easter Manicure from 2014 to share with you! I actually didn’t even do my nails for this Easter, crazy right? It wasn’t my intention, and I seriously forgot to do them. By the time I thought about it, it was too late, haha. I at least did everything else such as dress up and do my hair in a festive way, lol. I’m in the process of also working on another website that’s going to include recipes, and all sorts of things, so if you’re interested, or at least curious, make sure you stay tuned for that. 🙂 OK! I have rambled on more than enough! Time for the beautiful throwback manicure pics! ^_^

The cross is my favorite part of this manicure💖

I love these colors together.

I honestly love everything about this manicure.

This is definitely one of my favorite manicures of all time, no doubt. It was quite time-consuming to do but was beyond worth it. For the index and pinky fingers, I used a black nail art pen to draw the lines and dots. On the middle finger, I just did a simple border with round rhinestones, alternating between blue and pink. For the ring finger, I used rectangular-shaped pink rhinestones and gold micro-beads. The base nail polish I used for the middle and ring fingers was China Glaze’s Glistening Snow, and the on the other fingers I used Wet n Wild’s Teal Slowly and See.

It’s sometimes difficult to find dupes for some of the discontinued nail polishes I used to use to use back then, but I try.


Zoya Cosmo (not what I used, but like I mentioned above, it’s tricky finding polishes exactly like the ones I’ve used for some manicures from so long ago):
Essie In The Cab-ana (similar to Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See):
Gold Micro-Beads:

Large Variety of Rhinestones (In this bundle there are pink and blue rhinestones very similar to the ones the I used):

Pink Rectangular Rhinestones:

Sally Hansen Black Nail Art Pen (similar to the one I sued originally):

Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat (I exclusively used this as a base coat only; it wasn’t a good top coat at all.):

INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat (the top coat I used back then):

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Thank you so very much for reading, I appreciate you. 💖

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