Valentine’s Day Design 2; From 2014

2nd V-Day Design Collage

Hi there. Today, I’ve got the second design a part of my unnamed Valentine’s Day series from 2014…

This is the Anti-Valentine’s Day-themed nail art, lol.

My Anti-Valentine’s Day Themed Nail Art Lol

I never liked these that much… Lol.

To be 100% honest, I was never the biggest fan of these. I debated very hard on whether I wanted to post these or not. This is, indeed, the second design I came up with for the four-part series, and I thought It’d be weird to post the first part, and not the second, so here we go!

As far as what I used for this manicure, I wrote that I didn’t remember what I used for the base. 😑 This was done over nine years ago so, uh yeah… I did at least write down and remember the rest of what was used! I layered Fabulous Is My Middle Name by Nicole by OPI over whatever the base was, and for the border, hearts, and drips I used Stunning Scarlet by Sally Hansen.

Both of the nail polishes I mentioned here are discontinued, so much to my surprise, I was actually able to still find links to them!

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Nicole by OPI Fabulous Is My Middle Name:

Sally Hansen Stunning Scarlet:

Just another disclaimer: I would never post a link to something from someone I wouldn’t buy from myself. 😊

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