Valentine’s Day Design 4; From 2014

4th V-Day Design Collage

Hello! I’m back today with the last design of my unnamed Valentine’s Day series!

A black and gray water-marble.

Super abstract… teehee.

So apparently, these were also anti-valentine’s day themed nails like the 2nd design in this series. So I pretty much did two proper Valentine’s Day nails and two Anti-Valentine’s day nails… now why did I do that? I’m not exactly sure, but it was something different to do, haha. I certainly don’t vibe with the whole Anti-Valentine’s day stuff anymore honestly, but back then I found Anti-Valentine’s day themed very interesting. This manicure only used two nail polishes, Dove by Zoya and Black Crème by Wet n Wild.

I wrote in my notes that I added in some random black dots and hearts using a toothpick, and the same black nail polish I used for the water-marble.

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Zoya Dove:

Wet n Wild Black Crème:


The type of cups I used for water marbles:

Tape + Dispenser (for making clean up easier):

Cotton Swabs:

The nail polish remover I use (my favorite nail polish remover of all time):

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