Tiffany Blue and Silver Holographic Glitter

Hello. Today I decided to share these extremely simple yet gorgeous nails with you. 🙂 This photo is over ten years old. This picture was taken on March 25th, 2013.

It's just a swatch, but this color combination is everything💖

Ah yes, heavy emphasis on simple, as it was just a mere swatch. This is one of my favorite nail polish combos of all time!

This combination was China Glaze For Audrey (the blue) and Glistening Snow. Glistening Snow was used in the last manicure I posted, and if you read my previous post, you'd know that Glistenin Snow by China Glaze has been discontinued for quite some time now. So I linked Zoya's Cosmo instead, which is nowhere a perfect match, but it's something, haha. Don't get me wrong, I like Zoya's Cosmo, but it's very different from Glistening Snow, which I also like a lot.

Products used:

China Glaze For Audrey:
Zoya Cosmo:
Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat (I exclusively used this as a base coat only; it wasn't an excellent top coat at all.):
INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat (the top coat I used back then):

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